Research, Studies, Impact Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluations

We provide a range of flexible cost effective Research and M & E solutions aimed at helping you save time and concentrate on managing your programmes more effectively.

We have implemented regional studies in the Asia Region in the agriculture, industries and non-profit sectors.

We have a wide regional outreach comprising a network of national, regional and rural level stakeholders including government sector, community organisations, NGOs, INGOs and rural sector target groups. This network is an invaluable resource in our research activities.

Our Research

  • Feasibility studies
  • Situational analysis
  • Market studies
  • Impact studies
  • Capacity building and needs analysis
  • Action Research
  • Labour market surveys and employee and service providers mapping exercises
  • Study of employment opportunities and training needs
  • Mapping exercises
  • Developing M & E systems for project monitoring and evaluations
  • Tracer studies and baseline surveys of vocational training sector
  • Final evaluations of projects
  • Baseline Surveys
  • Value chain studies
  • Stakeholder mapping and Training needs analysis