Personalised Training, Coaching & Follow Up

Our products have been developed to meet specific needs of clients and their beneficiaries and combine the best of experiential learning practices such as games and role plays with other adult learning techniques.

Our training modules have been developed in collaboration with international training experts from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

During application these modules are adapted and improved to suit the participants of each program. We strongly believe that training alone is not the solution, experience in application of the concepts with follow-up and coaching are essential to achieve the intended results.

Our Training Products

  • Nucleus Counsellor Licensing Programme 
  • Handbook for Nucleus Counsellors – Small Business counselling and diagnostic tools
  • Moderation & Group Counselling
  • The Management Mirror – evaluation of management competencies
  • The Management Diamond – management: knowledge and tools
  • ASPIRE – Analysis, Strategy, Planning, Investing, Realising, Evaluating
  • The Entrepreneur Challenge – programme for entrepreneurs
  • BizGen – Business Idea Generation
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Planning
  • Marketing Linkages for Small Enterprises
  • Project Management for CBOs & NGOs – intensive practical training on managing grants
  • Financial Management and Book Keeping for CBOs and NGOs
  • Fundraising and sustainability strategies for CBOs and NGOs
  • Organisational Development of Associations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Lobbying and policy advocacy for Chambers and Associations – for office bearers
  • RACE (Rapid Appraisal of Competitive Enterprises)
  • You Lead (Youth Leadership and Motivation)
  • Sales Excellence (Training for sales staff)
  • ToT on Training Module Development
  • Handbook on Masonry
  • Handbook on Plumbing
  • Handbook on Nutrition Gardens
  • Handbook on WASH, Health & Nutrition for Green Schools
  • COVID 19 advocacy tool comprising creative items of students