Since 2007 we have been implementing over 110 projects, training, research and M&E assignments in Sri Lanka and the region for international development agencies, government agencies, non-government organisations and the private sector.


Keeping development simple and relevant​

Each of our projects are unique and customised to meet the expectations of our clients meeting the real needs of people.

We strive to bring new thinking and innovation into these projects in line with changing conditions in the development landscape of the country.

We maximise the usage of locally available resources, organisations, people and networks to achieve the desired outcomes – adapting, improving and acclimatising as necessary.

Private Sector

Helping companies achieve their sustainability goals

We support private sector to contribute more effectively to the Sustainable Development Goals and achieve their corporate social responsibility agendas. We have worked with leading financial institutions, telecommunications companies and international companies operating in Sri Lanka in these aspects.

We have worked with and continue to support leading Business Membership Organisations (BMOs) such as Chambers of Commerce, Federations, sectoral associations in Sri Lanka and other countries in the region on using the Nucleus Approach to provide more effective services to member companies.


Personalised Training, Coaching & Follow Up

Our products have been developed to meet specific needs of clients and their beneficiaries and combine the best of experiential learning practices such as games and role plays with other adult learning techniques.

Our training modules have been developed in collaboration with international training experts from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

During application these modules are adapted and improved to suit the participants of each program. We strongly believe that training alone is not the solution, experience in application of the concepts with follow-up and coaching are essential to achieve the intended results.

Research, M&E

Research, Studies, Impact Assessments, Evaluations

We provide a range of flexible cost effective Research and M & E solutions aimed at helping you save time and concentrate on managing your programmes more effectively.

We have implemented regional studies in the Asia Region in the agriculture, industries and non-profit sectors.

We have a wide regional outreach comprising a network of national, regional and rural level stakeholders including government sector, community organizations, NGOs, INGOs and rural sector target groups. This network is an invaluable resource in our research activities.


Toolkits, training manuals, and community handbooks

We specialise in developing training content and publishing handbooks that in keeping with international standards. We have developed ad issued publications for international development agencies, government agencies and provincial authorities, leading financial institutions, private sector companies and local NGOs.